Divorce Disputes in Vietnam

When entering into marriage, the parties often do not anticipate all the situations which don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the custody disputes, support obligations for the other party and disputes of common property, separately created after the date of marriage. In particular, whereas marriage relations with foreign elements become more and more common today, these situations are becoming more and more complicated. Therefore, without the support of lawyers, legal experts who are knowledgeable about the law and empathy, know how to share at the same time when divorced, it is difficult for the parties to settle the stable balance between reason and love, building civilized relationships in the post-divorce period.

Divorce Procedure

With a rich diversity of experience which has over the past nearly 15 years from assisting clients in domestic divorce and marriage disputes and/or foreign elements, as both lawyers and/or authorized representatives, Lac Duy lawyer believes that they will provide relevant legal services effectively and properly to reconcile and protect the legitimate interests of the parties in divorce cases

Lac Duy & Associates often consults and participates to settle some divorce cases with foreign factors such as

  • Divorce between Vietnamese and foreigners while the two are living in Vietnam;
  • Divorce between Vietnamese and foreigners while living and working abroad;
  • Divorce between foreigners residing or working in Vietnam;

In addition, Lac Duy & associates participated in drafting a number of applications related to and/or arise from family marriage and divorce relations such as:

  • Divorce petition;
  • A petition requesting the Court to recognize the consent for divorce;
  • Agreements on division of common property during the marriage period;
  • Agreement on division of common property upon divorce;

In particular, Lac Duy & Associates also provides legal advice on divorce and division of assets, custody and support obligations and assists clients in cases of determining fathers for children; request to implement the custody visitation rights; request a change in custody and/or change of the level of supporting obligations.

Coming to legal services on marriage and family of Lac Duy & Associates, we hope that customers will be consulted with legal solutions that are thoroughly reasonable in the divorce and post-divorce process.

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