Labor and Employment Advice

With nearly 15 years of experience working at the leading law firm in Labor and Employment Consulting, Lawyer Lac Duy and a team of lawyers from Lac Duy & Associates have advised many companies and multinational corporations large-scale such as Deutsche Bank, Lazada, Puma – WorldCat, … related to labor and employment issues such as labor contracts, working time, rest time and legal advice on change in organizational structure, reorganize the employees of the enterprise, unilaterally terminate labor contracts with employees in order to reduce wages, re-arrange labor in compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese labor code. In addition, we also support businesses with policies and procedures related to labor and employment including:

Drafting or reviewing and registering / re-registering the internal labor regulations and / or collective bargaining agreement of the enterprise;

  • Reviewing and drafting labor contracts, probationary contracts, and agreements / decisions to terminate labor contracts with employees of the enterprise;
  • Applying for work permits and visas for foreign workers;
  • Apply for a temporary residence card for foreign workers.

In addition, with several years of litigation experience, we also support and represent clients to participate in meetings / negotiations with employees / third parties / government authorities on legal issues employment and employment related management with the aim of assisting clients to create and maintain a positive work environment through employee engagement and to assist clients in anticipating and preventing related problems related to employment, as well as resolving current personnel issues, terminating labor relationships as well as changing organizational structure, reorganizing the employees in accordance with the labor code.

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