Real Estate Disputes

Scope of legal services by Lac Duy & Associates

In order to meet the needs of clients related to Real Estate Disputes between clients and related organizations and individuals, Lac Duy & Associates provide legal services including consulting, providing legal advice in the pre-proceedings phase and assisting clients, representing clients in litigation at all levels of Vietnamese courts and government agencies. In the process of proceedings and judgment enforcement, specifically, there are 04 (four) steps as follows:

Step 1: Evaluate and compare the legal position of the client in the dispute with the litigating parties

This is the first step to help clients understand and evaluate the legal position of themselves and that of the litigants in the dispute. Accordingly, we will give our legal opinion after assessing and analyzing based on the documents and information provided by the client.

Step 2: Prepare documents to prove the dispute

After completing Step 1, we will continue to support the client in preparing documents for litigation of each client’s work, which can be mentioned as: prepare a power of attorney of the client’s legal representative to authorize Lac Duy & Associate’s lawyer to represent the client in handling disputes; work, negotiate with the litigating parties to protect the rights and interests of clients in a dispute and carry out work within the scope that we propose in the legal service contract with the client.

Step 3: Procedure activities

In case the dispute cannot be resolved by agreement, we will assist the client to participate in the proceedings in the Court or arbitration agency according to the provisions of Vietnamese law. Specific work will be mentioned in detail by Lac Duy & Associates in legal service contract with clients. Please note that the scope of work at this stage does not include the judgment enforcement process. So if the client has a need, please check our step 4 as a reference below.

Step 4: Enforcement of judgment

If the client wins the case in court and wishes to enforce the court judgment / decision, we will assist the client in carrying out all work that arises in the judgment enforcement process until the enforcement of the sentence is completed. Accordingly, the work in this step will be considered as complete if the effective judgment / decision has been fully enforced or the judgment enforcement agency issues the final decision on the enforcement of the case depending on each specific case.

Legal service fees of Lac Duy & Associates

The legal service fee is mainly calculated based on the percentage of the amount actually received by the client after Lac Duy & Associates has conducted 04 (four) steps to resolve the real estate dispute. In addition, Lac Duy & Associates will charge a fee based on a relatively fixed fee on a case-by-case basis before Lac Duy & Associates start the case for the client.

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