Monthly Legal Advice Service

Based on the request of the client, Lac Duy & Associates will provide monthly legal advice instead of charging on a specific case to minimize costs but bring optimal efficiency for clients in legal matters that need assistance, including:

  • Counseling on legal issues arising in the course of customers’ business operations;
  • Review and draft contracts signed between customers and other related parties;
  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents between customers and competent state agencies;
  • Reviewing the business activities of the enterprise to comply with the provisions of law when required;
  • Sending legal newsletters and outstanding monthly legal news updates to clients on a fee basis;
  • Translation of documents from English to Vietnamese and opposite;
  • Supporting the implementation of several administrative procedures with competent state agencies such as notarization of documents, legal documents at a reasonable cost and saving time for customers effectively;
  • Other legal issues depending on specific cases when requested by customers.

Accordingly, customers can choose 01 (one) of 03 (three) or all three (three) following methods when performing monthly legal consulting services with us:

  • Email;
  • Phone;
  • Meeting;

If you need more information or specific advice on the Monthly Legal Advice Service, please contact Lac Duy Lawyer directly at +84 (28) 3622 1603 or email to or