When getting married and entering marriage life, parties often fail to anticipate all the dilemma situations about custody disputes, support obligations for the other party and disputes on common and private property established after the date of marriage. In particular, as nowadays, the more common the marriage relationships involving foreign elements become, the more complicated these predicament circumstances are.

Therefore, when divorcing, without the support of lawyers, legal experts who are knowledgeable about legal knowledge and at the same time understanding psychology and sharing, the parties have difficulties in settling the balance between reason – love so as to build a civilized relationship in the post-divorce period.

With a wealthy and diverse experience acquired over the past 15 years from assisting clients in domestic and/or foreign marriage and divorce disputes, both as Lawyers and/or authorized representatives, Lac Duy & Associates believes in providing effective and proper legal services to reconcile and protect the legitimate interests of the parties in divorce cases.

Lac Duy & Associates often advises and participates in resolving divorce issues involving foreign elements such as:

  • Divorce between a Vietnamese and a foreigner while two people are residing or working in Vietnam;
  • Divorce between Vietnamese and foreigners while residing or working abroad;
  • Divorce between foreigners who are residing or working in Vietnam;

In addition, Lac Duy & Associates is involved in drafting documents related to and/or arising from marriage, family and divorce such as:

  • Letter of complaint about divorce dispute;
  • Letter of demand for the Court to recognize of divorce consent;
  • Agreement on the division of common property during the marriage period;
  • Agreement on the division of common property upon divorce.

In particular, Lac Duy & Associates has extensive experience in advising Vietnamese living abroad or foreigners on procedures related to consular legalization to dossiers, documents and evidence established in a foreign country accepted by a Vietnamese court in the process of divorce, division of property, rights and obligations of husband and wife towards each other and to their common child.

In addition, Lac Duy & Associates also provides legal advice on the division of common property during the marriage period, determining personal property during the marriage period, determining the right to directly nurture the common child/children upon divorce, to request a change of the right to direct custody of a child after a divorce, support obligation, change of child support level or determination of parents for the child.

When considering the legal services on marriage and family of Lac Duy & Associates, we guarantee that clients will be consulted about rational-legal solutions in the divorce and post-divorce process.

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