Disputes Under Vietnamese and Foreign Commercial Arbitration Procedures In Vietnam and Foreign

Scope of legal services of Lac Duy& Associates

With long-term experience in dispute resolution in commercial arbitration, such as the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC), Lac Duy & Associates will support and represent clients to participate in resolving disputes in business and commercial activities in accordance with the arbitration procedures in arbitration centers for the purpose of securing information throughout the process,  saving time and costs for businesses. Due to the diverse business areas of our clients, Lac Duy & Associates have the experience of assisting and participating in dispute resolution in the following areas:

  • Corporate and commercial issues, such as complex cross-border joint venture and shareholder disputes, banking, financial and insurance disputes;
  • Disputes related to ships, maritime contracts;
  • Disputes related to compensation for non-contractual damage; and
  • Other types of commercial business disputes.

Legal service fees of Lac Duy & Associates

The legal service fee is mainly calculated based on the percentage of money received by customers after Lac Duy & Associates take steps to resolve Disputes Under Commercial Arbitration Procedures In Vietnam and Foreign. In addition, Lac Duy & Associates will charge a fee based on a relatively fixed fee on a case by case basis before Lac Duy & Associates start the case for the client.

If you need more information or specific advice on Disputes Under Commercial Arbitration Procedures In Vietnam and Foreign,  please contact Lawyer Lac Duy directly at +84 (28) 3622 1603 or email to info@lacduy-associates.com or lacduy@lacduy-associates.com.