Intellectual Property Law Advice

Lac Duy Associates with a team of lawyers with expertise and good experience in practice for many years and professional ethics, are known to clients for its legal and reputable intellectual property legal consulting services in Vietnam. The legal services related to intellectual property that we provide include:

  • Procedures for registration of copyrights and related rights;
  • Patent registration procedures;
  • Procedures for registration of copyright protection;
  • Procedures for transferring industrial property rights;
  • Know-how disputes related to the protection of trade secrets and confidential information;
  • Disputes related to unfair competition;

Not only that, from practical experience from the disputes, we confidently provide our clients with professional legal advice on how to keep their business secrets and other confidential information as well as legal action against unfair competition practice: recruiting employees for businesses to cooperate with supplier business partners,… We commit that all customers’ information will always be absolutely confidential for consulting service costs and reasonable service execution.

If you need more information or specific advice on Intellectual Property Law Advice, please contact Lawyer Lac Duy directly at +84 (28) 3622 1603 or email to or