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Lac Duy & Associates is a professional law firm in Vietnam, founded and operated by lawyer Lac Thi Tu Duy (“Lawyer Lac Duy“), who has more than 15 years of experience in litigation, consultation, trial handling, and resolving more than 1000 conflicts, disputes in the fields of corporate operation, international trade, maritime, real estate, labour, marriage and family and other types of civil, and commercial disputes. Lawyer Lac Duy has been involved in providing professional legal consulting, arbitration, courts proceedings services for many clients who are corporations and enterprises on the list of Fortune 500.


We are striving to become a top recommended law firms in providing professional legal services to both domestic and international clients throughout the territory of Vietnam.


The mission of Lac Duy & Associates is steadfast commitment to justice, being a reliable companion of the Clients to contribute to protect social fairness, fairness in civil transactions, commerce and business to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of  individuals and enterprises to be protected optimally.


With a team of lawyers that acquire extensive experience working with  courts, arbitration institutions and state agencies as well as in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese culture, politics and law, especially litigation law, we are confident to state: Clients coming to Lac Duy & Associates will perceive professionalism, best quality of consultation and client care at reasonable costs.


Our key method of working focuses on assessing risks and advantages, on that basis, consider proposing solutions. Especially, it is necessary to come up with an effective and successful response for each of the smallest legal questions that clients encounter.


With client-oriented and professional orientation, Lac Duy & Associates commits itself to creat the success of clients in each smallest task.