Child Custody Disputes And Children Ages Need To Know In Vietnam

Child Custody Disputes And Children’s Ages Need To Know In Vietnam

Divorce is the termination of the husband-and-wife relationship according to a legally effective judgment or decision of a court. In addition to the problems of real estate, common property, and joint debt, child custody disputes are one of the big problems of many divorces. In this article, Lac Duy & Associates will provide readers with […]
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Marriage Registration To The Foreigner In Vietnam

4 Step Marriage Registration To The Foreigner In Vietnam

Marrying a foreigner is no longer a new concept for many Vietnamese people today and is becoming more and more popular when our country is in the process of integrating with the international economy. However, due to differences in nationality and specific regulations, there are many cases of difficulties in procedures and dossiers when registering […]
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Divorce Disputes in Vietnam

When entering into marriage, the parties often do not anticipate all the situations which don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the custody disputes, support obligations for the other party and disputes of common property, separately created after the date of marriage. In particular, whereas marriage relations with foreign elements become more and more […]
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